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Turkey Hunting Essentials

These are the essential pieces of gear I always carry afield on a turkey hunt.

Turkey Vest


The Badlands Turkey Vest is exactly what you need for turkey hunting. It has pockets for all your calls, a big pouch for dead birds or your warm layers, and a sweet cushion for your butt. Most importantly, this vest has a lifetime warranty for free repairs, no matter the cause of damage.

Glass Call


This is my "go to" call in the turkey woods. When I need the most realistic purrs, clucks, cuts, and yelps to fool a wary bird, the Cherry Classic Crystal does the trick.

Waterproof Boots


Your overall comfort is affected most by your feet. These Columbia Bugaboots will do the job very well. High ankle support provides stability on rough ground and stays dry crossing creeks and swamps.

Wool Socks


Avoid cotton socks like the plague. In turkey weather, Darn Tough Socks are well worth the money for their durability and comfort. Say goodbye to blisters!

Mouth Call


These things take some practice to master, but the ability to call without moving your hands is a game changer when birds are close. The Primos Hook Hunter Sharp Spike is my workhorse for the job. It's sounds absolutely great once you get the hang of it. I would make it my number one call if I could figure out how to purr well!



I always carry at least one turkey decoy when I'm hunting. Giving the bird visual proof that he's heard a hen is critical to drawing him into the open in many situations. When used in fields, I will pair this hen with a jake decoy to draw angry toms from long distance. Quality matters. Buy the most realistic decoy you can afford!

Range Finder


You can get away without this much of the time, but sometimes five extra yards is the difference between a clean kill and a lost bird at long range. Invest in a good range finder like the Vortex Impact and you won't regret it,



Good binoculars are expensive, but they're worth every penny. Is that dark spot a turkey?  These remove the guess work and put more birds in your freezer. I use an older model of these Pocket Size Binoculars from Swarovski on every hunt because of their light weight and incredible clarity.

Crow Call


I use this crow call to elicit shock gobbles that alert me to the location of an eager tom without risking one moving my direction before I'm ready. It is worth its weight in gold some days!



When a turkey looks right at you, you'll be glad you were wearing this facemask. The 3D effect breaks up the outline of your head, making it much harder for anything to positively ID what you are.



You need 100% coverage to stay hidden when turkeys are close. These half fingerless gloves are intended for turkey hunting, and the exposed fingers allow me to call, use my phone, and shoot without being affected by fabric.

Ghillie Suit


Having a 3D element to your concealment makes a huge difference when you're hiding from turkeys. This North Mountain Ghillie Suit will keep you hidden when 2D camo would fail.

Super Full Choke


To take down a big tough bird at long range, you want your pellets to pattern as tightly as possible. I use a Jellyhead choke and it lives up to it's name! Make sure you get the correct one for your gun.

Water Bottle


Stay hydrated, and don't waste plastic! Buy yourself a reusable water bottle like this Nalgene.



Bring whatever you like,  but I am a big fan of RxBars. They get me through the day when I can't get a proper meal.

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