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These simple tools are indispensable for foraging.


The RSVP Collapsible Market Basket as my primary collection container. It's important to use a basket when collecting mushrooms in particular because it helps to prevent damage from crushing or banging into brush. It can hold a ton of mushrooms, and is light, sturdy and stores well.

Fiskars Pruning Shears are something I always bring with me in the woods. They are powerful enough to cut through the thickest rose and barberry tangles, and sharp enough to snip fungi cleanly.

It's much easier to harvest cluster mushrooms like oysters and chicken of the woods with a knife, and this Folding Mushroom knife does the trick with a bonus brush that is very handy for cleaning dirty from fragile species.

Sometimes you hike for miles and don't see much, and sometimes you stumble into a patch of 100 lbs of chanterelles. I always carry large Reusable Tote Bags so I'm prepared. If I strike a big flush, I empty my basket into the totes and stash them by memorable landmarks so I can keep moving, then collect them on my hike out.

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