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Testimonials and Reviews

First Deer Hunt

Edwin S. - New York, NY


“ Best hunting experience I could have ever imagined. Words cannot fully express the gratitude I have for Fisher. He is a professional who is full of knowledge and someone who I know I will be hunting with again in the future. For anyone interested in hunting or learning more about the outdoors this is the absolute way to go.” 

First Hunts 

Lucas K. - Lebanon NJ

"Fisher Neal has been an excellent hunting guide and friend for the past two hunting seasons. Whether it’s a hike through the forest to learn stalking techniques and identify deer sign, a shooting lesson at the range, or a deer hunt in the beautiful forests of New Jersey, Fisher combines years of experience with a true knack for teaching. He has an extensive knowledge of hunting lands in New Jersey, and is continually scouting to locate game. He taught me how to easily get up and down a tree using a treestand, how to call in a wild turkey, and guided me on several deer hunts. He has all the equipment necessary to pick you up and take you hunting and make it an enjoyable and worry-free experience. He always patiently answered all my questions. And, he has a true passion for and understanding of the art of hunting. I would definitely recommend Fisher to anyone wanting to learn how to hunt!"

Apprentice Hunt 

Alvaro G. - Jersey City, NJ

"When it comes to hunting there is loads of information online but no one explains to you how to get started.  Fisher from help me make it happen. He enabled me, coached me, and gave me the confidence to start hunting on my own.


Hunting was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin or what to do, and internet sites never seemed to provide the right information. Fisher did everything – with almost no time and effort for me! The best part was that his teaching has made a significant difference in how I see the woods and nature. I increased my knowledge from 0% to 100% which it’s pretty remarkable.


I was skeptical to go hunting on my own and I signed up just hoping to learn how to hunt, but I left with vastly more. I learned how to:


  • Shoot properly form different distances 

  • How to use the sight

  • Tracking - how to use the animal highways to find a good hunting position

  • Tracking signs

  • How to set a tree stand

  • How to meditate and enjoy nature

  • How to field dress a deer

  • Navigation skills

  • Last but not least where to take my deer to butcher all that good, organic, fresh meat.

  • I don’t have a car and he even offered me to pick up my pack of meat and delivered it to my door, really who does that??

 Not only was the day both fun and challenging but Fisher has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of this course and I not only found a great mentor but a good hunting buddy."

First Turkey Hunt 

Richard R. -  New York, NY


"Such a great time!"

Intro to Hunting Class

Paleo NYC Meetup Feedback


"Great Presentation!!"  -Aimee


"Loved it. Fisher was a great presenter and very knowledgeable."  -Daniel


"Terrific, informative presentation - one of the better meetups I've attended." -Richard

Apprentice Hunt


Micah S. - New York, NY

Facebook Five Star Review

Fisher is a consummate outdoorsman and an excellent guide. Other outfitters simply hand you a weapon and put you put in a stand, while Fisher starts with the fundamentals. You'll start with weapons training to ensure ethical practice, and Fisher will teach you everything there is to know about reading sign, tracking animals and understanding the ecology of the woods. In fact, I'd say a day with Fisher is more akin to a comprehensive nature walk than it is just a day of hunting. You'll garner a deeper understanding and appreciation of the outdoors with potential for an added bonus of a full freezer at the end of the day.

NJ Mushroom Hunting
NJ Guided Deer Hunting
NJ Guided Deer Hunting
Apprentice Hunt

Jeff W. - New York, NY

Facebook Five Star Review

I could not be more enthusiastic on recommending someone!! I found Fisher through google and he has been an amazing coach, a thoughtful guide and one of the most responsive, service oriented professionals I have met. The hunt we went on was literally one of the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE! I am not sure that hunting is my thing, but I could not be happier with the experience of learning to shoot, taking my thorugh the licensing, picking me up in nyc, showing how to track, all the set up and scouting he did, all the prep and equipment, through the being at my side while gutting and bringing to the butcher. I recommend this experience to anyone who has even the slightest interest in the hunting experience.

NY Hunting Guides and Outfitters
NY NJ Hunting Lessons
Full Day Lesson

Tara W. - New York, NY

Facebook Five Star Review

I should start by saying I am a female who never held a gun in her life. I always had a curiosity about learning to hunt however, as a way to get back to my roots, to nature, and to learn to protect myself. Fisher could not have been more perfect for someone like me. He was so kind and patient in teaching me what I needed to know. He is beyond skilled and knowledgeable and I learned not only how to to handle a shotgun and crossbow, but how to spot different kinds of animal foods, markings, and trails. I learned quite a lot in one afternoon but more importantly I had a really great time! I pushed past my normal boundaries and fears. I found the experience both active and meditative at the same time. It was an incredibly satisfying experience and I can't wait to go back out again. I highly recommend Fisher, I don't think there is a better teacher out there!

NY Guided Hunting Outfitters
Squirrel Hunt

Julian A. - New York, NY

Google Five Star Review

I would 100% recommend this to any novice hunter out there who wants a knowledgeable and professional guide on their first hunt. Fisher came prepared with equipment, plans, and backup plans to make sure that my experience was a memorable one. He was generous with his wisdom and able to teach some of the more subtle hunting skills that books or the Internet could never communicate. Given the amount of time and experience that he gives to his clients, his prices are an incredible value for the money. I have already decided to hire him for a second hunt.

NJ Hunting Outfitters
One Day Hunt

Greg P. - New York, NY

Google Five Star Review

If you’re even remotely considering Learn to Hunt NYC, book a hunt or lesson and you won’t regret it. With Fisher, you are not just a customer, you’re a client. It’s personalized, consultative, judgement free and fun. Beyond learning the basics of hunting, you’ll gain exposure to the science of how hunting and conservation relate as well as hunting culture in America. It’s worth every dollar.

NY Hunting Guide for Beginners
Apprentice Hunt​

Chris P. - New York, NY

Google Five Star Review

Exceeded my expectations in every way. I highly recommend to anyone curious about hunting (and foraging), or looking to take their skills to the next level.

NY NJ Hunting Guides
Two Person Hunt​

Dimitri S. - New York, NY

Google Five Star Review

Amazing experience! Professional, expert hunters will show you the ropes and everything you need to know for a successful hunt. Highly Recommend!

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