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This company is focused on teaching total noobs how to hunt like they were born to do it.  We start with basic skills​ so you're ready for a guided hunt, and then build upon that foundation with experience in the field.  If you've already started learning and want to expand your skills, that's great too.  If an option that is exactly what you're looking for is missing below don't worry, because everything will be customized to suit your interest and skill level.

Apprentice Hunt

Go from knowing nothing to having your first hunt in a single day.  You'll start the day with a shooting lesson on either crossbow or shotgun, depending on the season and your preference.  After that you will go on a scouting lesson where you will learn all about deer, deer sign, plant and tree identification, and how to turn all of that knowledge into a successful hunt.  Finally,  you'll have the opportunity to experience your first hunt and potentially to take your first deer at the same time.   If you like, you can book a second day and triple your odds of success.


Beginner Hunter, How to hunt, Learn to hunt

Want to become a hunter, but don't know where to begin?  Come and take a full day lesson.  In one day, you'll receive introductory shooting lessons with rifle, shotgun, and crossbow.   You'll be taught how to safely and competently handle them all.   After your shooting lesson, we will head to the woods, where you'll learn how to identify all kinds of deer signs, plants, and trees, and how to use that knowledge to plan a hunt.  Along the way, you'll be introduced you to wild mushroom and wild vegetable foraging when the opportunity arises.


Full Day Deer Hunt 

Already have a little experience and want to up your game?  Looking to get out of the city and fill your freezer?  Hire Learn to Hunt NYC for fully outfitted guided hunting trips.  Let us do all of the scouting and legwork. All you have to do is show up and hunt. You'll hunt from dawn to dusk with a dedicated hunting guide who is determined to guide you to success.  Book more than one day to save on cost and double your odds of success.


IMG_2475 2.JPG
Squirrel Hunt

Cut your teeth on our most under appreciated game animal.

Squirrels are delicious and plentiful.  They're lots of fun to hunt, and provide terrific practice to beginners who hope to develop the skills they need to succeed with big game.  


IMG_0392 2.JPG
Spring Turkey Hunt

Experience the thrill and challenge of spring turkey hunting.

Want to start hunting but don't want to wait until fall?  Have a deer under your belt and want a fresh challenge? Hearing turkeys gobble like crazy at dawn and come strutting into gun range is one of the most exciting things you can do in camoflage. You'll start super early in the morning and hunt until legal shooting hours end at noon.  You'll also have the chance to harvest the wild ramps and morel mushrooms that make their grand emergence now.


Hunting adventure, Learn to hunt, how to hunt, Bear Hunt
Custom Adventures

Looking for something that isn't here yet?  Planning a corporate retreat?  Want to do something more exotic like a bear hunt?  Have property upstate but don't know how to hunt it?  Want to take an expedition somewhere?  Contact us and we can make it happen.  

Morel Mushroom Foraging.jpg
Wild Mushroom and Plant Foraging 

Learn to locate and identify all kinds of edible wild mushrooms, nuts, greens, and berries.  You and as many as two additional friends will be treated to a full day of exploring the forest.  Depending on the season, we may harvest many different species.  Foraging season begins in early May and runs through late October, depending on the weather.

Primary Mushroom Species we harvest:  Morel, Chanterelle, Oyster, Hen of the Woods (Maitake), Chicken of the Woods, Old Man of the Woods, Black Trumpets, Wood Ears, and Reishi.

Primary Berry Species we harvest:  Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Mulberry, and Autumn Olive.

Primary plant and herb species we harvest:  Ramps, Day Lillies, Nettles, Clover, Garlic Mustard, Mugwort, Cattails, Lamb's Quarters, Dandelion, Japanese Knotweed, Japanese Barberry, Wood Sorrel, Curly Dock, Wild Onion, Honeysuckle, and Sassafras.

Primary nut species we harvest:  Black Walnut, Hickory, Acorn.

Contact us prior to booking to ensure we find what we're after!

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