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Fisher Neal >>

Owner and Head Guide

25 years of hunting experience

I've been obsessed with hunting since I was a little kid, and I love teaching people about it.  From the basics of how to get your first license to advanced techniques and skills, you can learn it all from me and my team.  I've harvested about 70 deer since my first at age 11, with the biggest being the 10 pointer you see here.  I've hunted many different species in many states, so I'm very familiar with the daunting task of learning to understand hunting regulations for the first time.

It seems that a lot of people want to explore hunting these days.  For years my city friends who I've met through the acting profession had bugged me to take them hunting.  After enough time all that interest inspired me to launch Learn to Hunt NYC. I have all the equipment you need to go hunting.  No need to buy a weapon or gear.  All you have to do is show up and have a great hunt.  Located in Jersey City, NJ, I am in the perfect place to help you begin your life as a hunter while still living in the city.  


​I am also a professional actor with an MFA from Yale School of Drama, and have made appearances on Broadway, TV, and in national commercials.  If you're curious, you can check out my acting website, 

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