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The Deer Can Smell the Finish Line

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

It's almost like they know exactly when the season is over.

I went scouting on Monday, February 11th to prep for the final guided deer hunt of the season on Saturday. In the process I pulled my remaining tree stands and cameras from the woods.

In the area where this camera was located, deer season is already closed, and it sure seemed like the deer knew it. For two months they've been almost impossible to find, but when I pulled off the road to park there was a group of at least six does and fawns standing in the woods. This was the middle of the day, just after lunch time, and they were clearly on their feet moving around!

I loaded my back and hiked the hill to retrieve my camera and stands. After reaching the spot and pulling the camera, I spotted the outline of an alert deer looking down at me from the ridge. There was another group of at least three right out in the middle of the field!

I won't be hunting this area again until next season, but it's great to know there are still plenty of deer here for the fall.

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