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Predator Hunting

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Here's a preview of my crash course in this month's issue of Paleo Magazine

From Feb/March 2019 Issue of Paleo Magazine:

"Coyote and Fox hunting is one of the most challenging and exciting kinds of hunting out there. Their high intelligence, powerful senses, and reclusive nature make them very difficult to get a shot at during daylight. It also happens to be the case that they are considered pests in many states, so their seasons often extend into this void of February and March that leaves hunters with cabin fever as they wait for turkey season to arrive. Coyotes and foxes have both expanded their historical ranges as a result of human activities, and coyotes in particular are known to be so adaptable that they are considered impossible to eradicate. As a result, some states have declared full out war on coyotes, allowing all kinds of usually illegal tactics and holding year round seasons with no bag limits.

Most of the hunting is done by using prey distress calls to draw them out of hiding. Usually nothing happens, but every now and then a pack of coyotes will come running directly toward you fully intent on an attack, and your heart will nearly leap out of your chest as you turn the tables on them. "

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