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Chanterelle Mushroom Bonanza!

Hunting lessons have been rapidly turning into mushroom hunting trips this week, because Chanterelles are out in big numbers. Just this week we picked over 25 lbs of Chanterelles in only a couple of hours.

The trick to success (besides being able to identify the correct species)

This hunting lesson quickly became a mushroom foraging adventure when we discovered large quantities of the prized Chanterelle mushroom when hiking through the forest.
We picked over 10 Lbs of Chanterelle Mushrooms in less than an hour!

in mushroom hunting is knowing where to look and when. One of the best ways to know when to look is by following people who forage and mushroom hunt on Instagram. You can start by following me @huntingactor and expand from there!

We picked all of these beauties during the second half of a two person hunting lesson, just over an hour drive from New York City! We started the day with shooting lessons on rifle, shotgun, and crossbow, then traveled to this section of forest where I spent time teaching about how to identify deer signs and a wide range of plants, trees, and obviously mushrooms. The tree identification is all geared toward deer hunting, because many tree species produce key food sources for the deer.

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