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All/Warm Weather Gear

Cold Weather Gear

Waterproof Boots


Your overall comfort is affected most by your feet. These Columbia Bugaboots will give you the ability to navigate almost any terrain and stay dry while you do it.

Insulated Boots


When Winter strikes, these Arctic Pro Muck Boots are how I keep my feet warm and dry on the toughest hunts.

Lightweight Wool Socks


Avoid cotton socks like the plague. These Darn Tough Socks are well worth the money for their durability and comfort.

Heavy Wool Socks


These Arctic Boot Socks from Carhartt make a huge difference keeping you warm on cold hunts because their height insulates more than just your feet.

License Holder


In NJ and NY we have to display our license on the outside of our clothing. These Scaff's License Holders are solid.



I prefer compression style thermals because their reduced bulk improves my agility over traditional thermals. Be sure to get both top thermals and leggings!



Whether hiking and hanging a stand predawn or following a blood trail after sunset, you absolutely must have a good flashlight, and you'd be a fool not to choose a headlamp so you can work hands free. This is the only headlamp I use anymore. It toggles between several different modes, ranging from ridiculously powerful high beam to low red light that preserves your night vision. It's also affordable and rechargeable.

Rain Gear

Water Bottle


We sweat a lot on early season hunts. A good water bottle like this Nalgene is a must.

Frog Toggs

AS1310_Mossy Oak Country-00.jpg

If you need protection from the rain on the cheap, Frogg Toggs are the way to go! 

Day Pack


You don't need anything fancy or huge. A day pack like this one from Alps will have you covered.

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