These are my tried and true favorite bass lures that I use more than anything else.

Zoom Plastic Lizard


The green plastic lizard will catch fish all day, any day. It should be rigged Carolina Style with the swivel and bullet sinkers. The deeper you're fishing, the more weight you should use.

Zoom Super Fluke


The Super Fluke is deadly in shallow water around all kinds of structure, and it won't snag. You can use the Wide Gap Worm Hooks with both this lure and the lizard.



The Spinner Bait is perfect for covering lots of water to find the fish. Add the Power grub to make it even more irresistible.

Bullet Weights


Weedless weights to be paired with the lizard.

Worm Hook


This offset shank worm hook will work with both the lizard and the super fluke.